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Frequently Asked Questions

Consider this:

The most successful agents are those who are able to make the most of their day by working with clients face-to-face while also nurturing leads behind the scenes. What’s their secret? They have automated systems like LockedOn working for them around the clock, even when they’re not in the office. Outlook doesn’t offer the lead and client management, sales and marketing tools that are essential to a real estate agent’s success, such as:

Pre-loaded follow up action plans and task management

Dozens of professional sales, marketing and presentation templates, customized for real estate

Ability to automatically add listings to real estate portals from a one time entry. In other word, only load your listings once to LockedOn and your system automatically delivers them to all the portals you subscribe to)

Ability to flag where new leads have come from

Real estate-specific business features- listings, financial, and transactional tools

Convenient access to your data and contacts from anywhere over the Internet...

SMS communication – 97% open rate

…plus dozens of sales maximizing tools that only LockedOn offers!

I already manage my contacts with Microsoft Outlook. Do I need LockedOn?

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need LockedOn. You’ll experience a staggering increase in productivity when you make the switch.

Do you have a single license version?

Yes we do! There are plans to suit every office and budget. Get Started now to learn more.

Will LockedOn replace Excel spreadsheets or a Word documents?

Yes. In fact, if you’re still using Excel or Word to store your contacts, your competitors will be running rings around you when it comes to advanced client communication. There is so much more that a great real estate CRM can do for you. Take a quick look at this explainer video which highlights the features of LockedOn that will help you in almost every part of your business.

Who is using LockedOn Now?

As Australia and New Zealand’s fastest growing real estate CRM, LockedOn is attracting real estate’s top performers. We can talk about LockedOn all day but I’m sure you’d rather hear from some of our users.

How often do you upgrade LockedOn?

Our tech development team is always at work on making every part of LockedOn faster and more efficient. In reality, it’s a never-ending process. To the user this means a system that continually improves. One of the features of using a cloud based real estate CRM is that you will automatically be notified once a new update or feature is added.

Can my PA log in to enter data and complete tasks on my behalf?

Yes. In fact many of our top performing clients have their team enter data on a regular basis. One big feature of this is you can outsource this task to anyone. They don’t need to be at your location.

I am a dinosaur and my company is old-fashioned. How will this work?

You only need basic computer skills to operate LockedOn. Our amazing support team will be with you all the way, but you need to be committed to investing a little time in exploring the time saving features this career-changing program provides. You’ll find it fun and intuitive and there is always plenty of help available if you need it. We also have over 130 videos ready and waiting to help you at

My company is forcing me to use ‘their’ system. I don’t like it and I want to change to something better. What should I do?

If your company is forcing you to use a system that’s holding you back, then you need to think about finding a company with software you not only want to use, but software that is going to really assist you in your real estate career. This is not the future… it’s already here! Ask ANY top performing agent. A great CRM is the essential component to your success. There’s every chance one of your competitors is using it so why would you hold yourself back?

I am too busy listing and selling! Do I have to use it?

No… and yes. If you are too busy listing and selling houses, we recommend you have someone enter data for you, such as a receptionist or PA. Yes: you will be amazed at how easy it is to find contact information, so much so that you will never return to the days of post-it notes or cards.

We’ve been down this path before and no one would use the system.

That’s because you didn’t try LockedOn. Using a database makes up a critical component of every high-performing agency and when you experience the world’s best and most innovative real estate CRM you’ll begin to experience a whole new world of advance communication and business success ideas.

When I load a new listing to LockedOn can I choose to send it to the major real estate portals I subscribe to?

Yes you can! By purchasing the Portal Push option, your new listings can be automatically sent to over 90 of the major real estate portals worldwide. Here is a list of the portals your listing will be sent to.

Does LockedOn come with any templates or documents?

Yup! Your new real estate software comes fully loaded with a Top Performer Aaron Shiner’s templates and follow-up plans. One click and you will have all his SMS, email and letter templates, and the follow up strategies that put everything together. Getting set up with your new system has NEVER been easier.

How safe is my data?

Your data is completely safe with us. Our servers are stored in one of the highest-rated data centres in the Southern Hemisphere, including 24/7 security and onsite management, as well as power redundancies and high speed connectivity. We use the most advanced data security technology and practices available. We know that your database is your most valuable asset and have established multiple levels of security to protect our servers.

I run a large team, is LockedOn for me?

Yes, LockedOn gives you a variety of flexible options to meet the needs of any single agent or group. Subscribe as an agent with assistants, or as a partnership or team so you can share a database while maintaining your name on your personal marketing and presentation materials. Cloud-based LockedOn gives your work group automatic networking, so none of you ever have to spend time synchronizing database changes over multiple computers. Whether you and your team members are at home, the office, out of town at a conference, or on holiday you can all access your database in real time, check web leads and email, communicate, and work productively from any computer with Internet connectivity. You also have the option of limiting access to assistants or team members. As the primary account holder, you’ll be the one with the ability to make administrative changes and delegate user permissions throughout the account.

Does LockedOn have an SMS and MMS feature?

You betcha! LockedOn users can opt to purchase a package that will let you SMS and MMS your contacts. And considering almost 100% of SMS messages are opened, why would you want to be without this feature?

When can we get started?

Right now! All you need to do is Get Started here and you’re in business. Things automatically start from there.

Should we start small (just a few users) as a trial?

No. Import your entire list of contacts from your current system as soon as you can. That way you can start to experience the full functioning benefits of your new system. Speak to one of the LockedOn support gurus who can get this sorted for you.

Will you forget about us once we have signed?

At LockedOn we’re famous for our training and support. Helping new users get up to speed is critical to success and we will be on hand to assist you and your team every step of the way. We also offer an onsite training service to give your team all the knowledge they need and give them an edge in the marketplace.

Can I have my data imported and exported from LockedOn?

Absolutely. Simply contact the support team and we’ll make it happen.

What happens once I join up to become a LockedOn member?

We’ve fully automated our process to give you INSTANT access to your new LockedOn account. You’ll find the email prompts and training videos you automatically receive will help you fast track your familiarity and success with your new system.

How do I pay?

After your free 14 day trial, you can pay with either Visa or MasterCard. After your initial joining fee, your card will be charged each month according to the package you have chosen.

Can I try LockedOn before I commit?

LockedOn comes with a 14-day free trial, so you can try it risk-free. A LockedOn Consultant will walk you through a detailed demonstration of a product before you make any decisions.

I want to invest in LockedOn, but I can’t afford to at the moment. What can I do?

LockedOn offers some of the most affordable lead generation, contact management and marketing solutions in the industry. For example, the cost of a monthly subscription for works out to only a few dollars a day. You’ll find your increased productivity and increased listing and sales will more than compensate you for your investment.

If you are ready to take your agency to the next level Get Started Today!