Industrie Media
Industrie Media

Industrie Media are a team of experienced real estate marketing professionals, videographers, photographers, floor planners and copywriters. We are one team, one company, providing one marketing solution for the real estate sector.

LockedOn and Industrie Media came together in 2013 with a mutual goal – to assist our clients to grow their business and secure more listings. By combining the software and digital media spaces we are able to empower agents with the right mix of technology to boost their profile online, as well as track (and get ‘locked-on’) to potential future sellers.

What we do (we do 2 things)

1. We do real estate marketing.

We assist agents implement highly successful web-based marketing strategies to drive business growth. We define growth by the increasing number of active listings on hand, as well as the increasing number of future seller connections over time.

2. We do digital media.

We supply all the web-based products, services and technologies such as video, photography, floor plans and property webpages required to be able to implement and facilitate the growth systems we put in place at a marketing level.

= The Power of 2. By showing agents what combination of digital media is required, and how to apply it to their market, they are able to build a powerful online brand which out-performs their competition. It’s a brand war out there… so we make a point of pushing our clients to the top of the food-chain.

To find out more visit us at, or on Facebook or YouTube to watch our live video feed


AgentMail is a real estate marketing company that specialises in direct mail and telemarketing. Servicing clients right across Australia, they assist in small mailouts of just a couple of hundred letters, right up to complex newsletters of many thousands. They look after the entire process from printing, folding, enveloping and mailing. Agents simply supply the letter and mailing list, the rest is taken care of.

Their call centre services use real estate certified operators, based here in Australia to make telemarketing calls for agents. These can be everything from open home and property enquiry follow ups, to stale leads and even pure cold calling. Their sophisticated phone systems mean they maximise the time spent on the phone, and make between 40 and 60 call connections per hour. Their full list of services are:

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing
  • Direct Mail
  • In-house Call Centre Telemarketing


AgentMail’s Director, Carl Quested is also the author of Alpha Mail – How To List And Sell More Property Using Direct Mail, a book just for real estate about maximising your marketing to get the best results. He also regularly contributes articles to Elite Agent Magazine.

Head to or call them on 07 3889 4441 to discuss your needs.


Homepass helps you turn every open home into a world-class customer experience. Using the Homepass app, agents register visitors on their mobile, see a rich customer profile, automatically SMS a mobile brochure, take notes and send documents — with everything flowing back to LockedOn.

For agents who want to further extend the experience, Homepass also offers signboard beacons for 24/7 mobile marketing, a kiosk app for an impressive entry, and a free consumer app that even allows visitors to check in automatically – as they walk in.

Switch on your property experience with Homepass – and win more customers. Get started at

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